Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Happy Merdeka Day

Since early this month I kept hearing the patriotic songs especially Tanggal 31 sung by Allahyarham Sudirman. I love the song. I have been singing that song since I was still in school. It was the time when we fly our Malaysian flag. That time it was still known as Bendera Malaysia not the Jalur Gemilang.

I don't feel anything about Merdeka Day except that it was school holiday and we got to watch the parade on the television. Mom always woke me up around 8am. "Dik, tak nak tengok tv ke? Merdeka hari ni."

And I would ran from the bedroom with the taik mata and all, parked myself in front of the black and white television (where some people those days turned their broken tele into an aquarium because it has flaps that goes left and right) and watched the two hour parade aired by RTM1 at 8am.

Dad never brought me to watch the actual parade in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad building. In fact, dad was always working that public holidays. So, I never seen the colourful costumes worn by those participants, but it doesn't bother me at all because the next day, he will bring back the Berita Harian or the Utusan Malaysia so that I can see the colourful pictures of the Merdeka Parade.

Now, each time I hear the Tanggal 31, I will always remember our black and white tele. How I will start watching the television from 8am - the Merdeka Parade - to cartoons, the old Malay movies such as P.Ramlee's Sarjan Hassan to my favourites Ultraman and He-Man.

And I will always remember my mom shouting "Mandi!"

Now it was my nephew's turn to hum that Tanggal 31 song but instead of...
Tanggal tiga puluh satu
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh....

he changed the lyrics
Tanggalkan seluar kamu
Bulan lapan beli seluar baru...

I wonder.....

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Treasure Hunt

Its been a long time since I participated in Treasure Hunt.

Last week, Jules called and point blank told me that she included my name in Treasure Hunt and to make sure that I got off day at least today.

Lucky that Boss gave me four days off. A consecutive four days off. Well I deserve the four days off. I was working like a slave for the past 13 days!!

I shot down to KL yesterday and reached the office around Iam, waited for Jules to end her duty and went back home. Slept for about an hour then have to wake up and prepare for the day.. yikes!

Its the Malaysia Airport Berhad's treasure hunt. We participated two years ago and ended up the last to arrive.. hahaha.. thanks to Lan who was driving my Kancil and us who treated the hunt more like Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan programme.

This time, the treasure hunt is from KL to Malacca. We vowed not to be the last. We've upgraded our transport, from Kancil to Kelisa hahahaha.

I met my hunt-associates for the first time today.. so let me introduce.
Em - the owner and the driver of the one-year-old purple automatic Kelisa
Me - the lacked of sleep navigator.
Jules - the riddle solver claimed to be "only operating in the afternoon"
Azni - the novice riddle solver (not bad I tell you.. not bad)

By the way, I envied Em's Kelisa.. its spic and span and have many cute bunnies and teddies everywhere.. and I mean everywhere..

Ok back to the hunt.
We reached MAB after about an hour waiting for Azni in front of the office around 7.30am. Queue and took our goodie bags from the counter. I met MAB representative Faizal.. hey! Surprised! He still remember me. After changing into the red t-shirts (2 years back it was green) and listening to the last minute instruction.. we were ready to be flagged off! Yieppie!