Friday, December 16, 2005

anger management

I was doing the laundry one morning, when I was reminded of the old adage “You are what you eat”. However in my case – you are what you’re stuck with – a tempremental washing machine!

While I was doing my best coaxing the plastic-made washing machine to do my bidding, it was dawn to me, how similar this machine is with mom’s character. My dad who saw my predicament, joked. “It was all in the genes. Mom’s side, of course.” – how true!

As I looked around, I couldn’t stop thinking, how true it was. Not just at that moment, I was stuck with tempremental semi-automatic washing machine, there was also Sanyo-made refrigerator which sometimes decide to go on strike at its whim. Then, there is this vacuum cleaner that does the opposite. Instead of sucking dust, it spurted its contents – sometimes. I should not start on mom’s ancient blender now!

This tempremental phenomenom did not occur among the mechanical or electronic appliances in the house. The “lord of the manor” was the worse infected with the disease. The lord or commonly known as the black cat would only saunter inside the house when he knows there is food waiting for him. Otherwise, he would be busy “caterwauling” somewhere with his team of harem doing his bidding at his beck and call. Including me!