Tuesday, March 29, 2005


After 10 years in this business, I feel ashamed of my fellow colleagues in the broadcast industry. How can they be so lazy and not sensitive of what is happening around them? There was an earthquake in Sumatera, barely three months away from the first that occured on Dec 26, last year. The magnitude reached 8.5 Richter scale and the tremos could be felt even in Bangsar. Does'nt this merit at least a newsflash or even interruption in tv programme?

How can a tv station claimed that they are "the best in entertainment and the first in news" when the newsroom failed to sense or smell the biggest news that happened in their own backyard? Or was it a pure simple laziness?

It is the biggest humiliation to rely on foreign news when it happened in your own backyard. As newsman, you should be alert, ready and able to gather accurate information and rely them immediately to the public. Time was never a luxury. Unlike the newspapers, tv stations have the advantage to reach the people first, that is why I don't understand why local tv stations failed to use this advantage to their own use and boost their ratings. Only one tv station who took the efforts to go on the grown and start interviewing people and reporting what happened at that time.

Thousands of people flee their highrise apartments last night, fearing for the worst. Tired and confused, they only knew that there was an earthquake, however the five Ws and 1 H was not answered, thanks to my fellow colleagues who perpetually on "hibernating mode".

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

rudeness doesn't pay

Some people no matter high ranking, are just too rude that they don't deserve any respect, even from fellow homo sapiens!

.. or probably they don't learned the proper ethics in phone conversations!

So this morning, I called this so called "Datuk" to give him the opportunity to explain his action once and for all, but he slammed the phone without me finishing my explanation! Isn't that rude?! Stupid man @##$%^&* !!!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

flying home

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. This is Captain Azmi. Welcome on board
MAS Airline Boeng 747 from Heathrow London to Kuala Lumpur International
Airport. Before we take off, please look around you and locate the emergency
exits. If you could not find one, please take the leaflet in front of you
study the locations of these exits...

It was the chirpy voice of captain Azmi. The pilot for MH003 heading to Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday March 8 for the 10.50am flight.

As your captain, I would like to remind you that "al" and "al" did not mixed.
Altitude and Alcohol. The best drink is still a mother's milk
Was he high?

.. And we may experienced a slight terbulence in the coast of India. This
may be cause by the delicious curry that the Indians are preparing..

He is definitely high.

Like the normal 13 hour flight, it was very boring. Not to mention that my screen went hang on me a few times. The movie selection except for Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reasons was poor. Since I've watched the film, it left me with other more mundane choices, so I picked Fat Albert the movie *sigh*.

Once you're on the movie channels, you cannot switched back to the audio or game channels otherwise the system would hang. It irritated me! Em found empty seats at the back to lie down and since I was still having high fever and coughing fits, I just stayed in my seat and stared at the blue screen. In the end, I spent half of my journey sleeping. Waking up just to freshen up and had lunch and breakfast.

The plane started to have its own coughing fit when we flew over the Bay of Bengal. Its the terbulance, the one that captain Azmi cheerfully reminded us before the take off. It was one heck of a curry pot, man! It lasted for more than 10 minutes!!

Alas by 7am, we were already reaching the Straits of Malacca and in just a few minutes would land on KLIA ground. Home at last! Although I am glad to be home, I still feel sad to leave Budapest (pronounced Budapesh). I fall in love with the city, the pancakes and most of all, I have fall in love with the people. I bet I would go to Budapest again... standing on top of Citadella and lost myself in the magnificent view of both Buda and Pest with river Danube flowing between them. Bathing the city with beautiful golden lights....