Monday, July 12, 2004

I beg your pardon?

I was waiting for my turn at the clinic just now. It was my annual-ear-infection and follow-up day. It was boring waiting at the reception area.

Then there was this Chinese lady who was there earlier smiled at me. I smiled back. She asked me why I was at the clinic. I told her that there was a swell in my right ear. So I asked her illness.

"Oh my ears have hole in the middle." She told me frankly.

I beg your pardon?

"I was picking my ear when my son just sort of slammed on me and the ear pick went through my ears."

She was straight faced when she told me this. I was astonished first then laugh.

Err.. sorry, not trying to be insensitive but it was so bizarre.

"Yeah. It happened about two months ago. I can hear this wooshing sound, like gush of winds went through my ears."

Was there a lot of blood?

"There was. I came here for the past two weeks. Its ok now. The hole's getting smaller. By the way.. the price here was expensive eh?"

Err.. yeah. Quite.

Suddenly the nurse called her name for her medication and next appointment. She took out RM100 and another RM10 notes from her wallet.

On the way out we smiled at each other.

And I was still smilling an hour later.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Still on the Endau-Rompin saga.

This time the Third Boss called me today and asked what update we got on the aloeswood thieves.

Again, told him that we did not get any picture of the illegal campsite. He asked me why not send the photographers there. Told him that we need a guide first to go inside the forest and the police did not have anybody to spare for us. Not even orang asli.

"Are'nt they (photographers) orang asli?" hahahaha

Duh? Its a joke?

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Paris and forest?

I don't know that Paris and Endau Rompin national park has many similarities.

First. Paris is considered brick forest while Endau Rompin is.. well dense forest?

Second. Parisian is non-humans?

Forgive me. Im not demented. Neither lost my mind. (Is'nt that the same thing?). Anyway, we were doing some follow-up on the aloeswood theft in national park, so we need to brief the second boss in KL. Since Mersing is far far away from Johor Baru, we normally get our story over the phone.

This time Da Boss want a picture of the illegal campsite, so I told him that it may not be possible to get the pictures now as the campsite was deep in the forest and the police would only be able to provide the pictures after two weeks.

so here's my conversation with Da Boss.
me : The OCPD said that we can get the pictures later. They only come out from the forest two weeks later.
DB : In that case you can send someone to go there.
me : Err.. its only the two of us girls today. Three went on leave and both of us had morning assignments
DB : This is the time for you to prioritise. Anyway, you have experience right. You went menjelajah (his actual word). You went to Paris.
me : (Confused) yeah.. but in Paris if I get lost, I can always ask for direction but in forest, who to ask? monyet? hehehehehe
DB : hehehe. Try to get the picture.

Here you go. If you think that Paris is one of the best European city, don't save money and take leave or even thinking of spending 13-hours in flight.

Instead, why not take a drive down south and up to Mersing and spend time in the Endau Rompin National Park.. you may see the communication tower.. nope.. its Eiffel Tower, but don't think of climbing it, maybe you get electrocuted.

And yes. The next time you saw monkey on tv... remember, they are Parisian, hahahaha.