Tuesday, March 29, 2005


After 10 years in this business, I feel ashamed of my fellow colleagues in the broadcast industry. How can they be so lazy and not sensitive of what is happening around them? There was an earthquake in Sumatera, barely three months away from the first that occured on Dec 26, last year. The magnitude reached 8.5 Richter scale and the tremos could be felt even in Bangsar. Does'nt this merit at least a newsflash or even interruption in tv programme?

How can a tv station claimed that they are "the best in entertainment and the first in news" when the newsroom failed to sense or smell the biggest news that happened in their own backyard? Or was it a pure simple laziness?

It is the biggest humiliation to rely on foreign news when it happened in your own backyard. As newsman, you should be alert, ready and able to gather accurate information and rely them immediately to the public. Time was never a luxury. Unlike the newspapers, tv stations have the advantage to reach the people first, that is why I don't understand why local tv stations failed to use this advantage to their own use and boost their ratings. Only one tv station who took the efforts to go on the grown and start interviewing people and reporting what happened at that time.

Thousands of people flee their highrise apartments last night, fearing for the worst. Tired and confused, they only knew that there was an earthquake, however the five Ws and 1 H was not answered, thanks to my fellow colleagues who perpetually on "hibernating mode".

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