Saturday, June 26, 2004

Glued to seat today. Just felt so lazy to get up even to go down for lunch. *terrible*

Called Batu Pahat CID chief for my routine rounds. Told me that there was a murder today and I had to get the details from the OCPD.

Called the OCPD and got scolded for calling him late in the afternoon..

"Im playing golf la. Nanti I suruh my boys to call you back."

Cheh! Hantu golf rupanya.

Waited for the story and its already past 6pm when suddenly a call came in. Yep, from the IO. Got scolded again. "Apalah susah sangat nak dapat ni." Apa taknya.. he asked for Utusan Malaysia. Podah!

Got the story and after typing... tada! not even 15 para.

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