Thursday, June 17, 2004

Life is ordinary.. until you make it extra-ordinary

It all started three hours ago at a Press Night organised by Pulai Spring Resort..

It was the first time I attending such function organised especially for the Presss men and women (politically correct) since I was transferred here in Johor in August 2003.

And I guess I need to tell about my mundane life here.. its so mundane its bordering boring.. I need to get away. AGAIN.

Anyway, about last nighth...

I was not keen to attend though not just I am always a bit of anti-social but because it has a specific theme. This time it was a night at the ranch.

Actually, everybody need to dress up as cowboys or cowgirls and being me, I got nothing to wear except my jeans shirt and pants. I have a cow stuffed pillow in my car but don't feel like carting it around.

We were late. We as in me and Baike. We thought that we can finish early by 5pm but of course Boss always got some things that he want to clarify so we ended up chained to the chair until 7pm.

Sent Baike back to her house. She came out with checkered shirt and jeans.. not bad. Then to my house. Changed and zoom to Pulai Spring.

Well, it was already 9pm and I was so hungry I can eat a horse. Luckily or unluckily there was no horse. Made a bee line to the food area and concentrated eating. Its an open air affair, so it was not that bad..

Got a bit confused with the array of food though. Besides sirloin steak, sausages and salads, I found nasi goreng, squid and pasta.. eik? should this be a night in the ranch?

And why was the host said "its time to lansing" rather that c'mon its time to knock your boots off or something along the line?

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