Saturday, April 02, 2005

april fools day

Today is the April Fool's Day and The Malay Mail was the butt of the joke.

Read the front page today?

Hits.FM is known for their unconventional banters and programmes. So far, nothing involves other fellow Media or Press. However, for this year, they have decided to come up with more "serious" prankster, and this time, why not "jolt" the listeners so that other Media would pick it up and who knows, we might hit big this time!

Well, their strategy paid off. It started with pre-April Fool's joke which was aired yesterday. The two deejays attacked their programme manager stunning listeners for five minutes. In the end, they shouted "April Fool". The poor programme manager (good acting skill though) stammered yet maintain to be polite programme manager just akwardly reprimanded the deejays. Then as expected, calls started coming in with angry listeners complaining about the jokes that they felt was not funny. And who did these listeners calls to? Of course - THE PAPER THAT CARES.

And being the paper that cares (the journalists claimed they don't!), the bosses immediately jumped up and demanded to know what happened. So a follow-up call to Astro was made. Needless to say, the story of what happened yesterday, came out today.

And this morning, one call cleared the air.

It seems Hits.Fm had ganged up to "kenakan" their listeners and of course throwing The Malay Mail in as well! They had planned everything. They even had mock argument earlier. Covering the glass door with papers so that the "actors" were not distracted. Even the network manager joined in the fun (read the paper today please) sounded serious with his comments.

Like my friend said, these people deserve the Anugerah Angkasa for their acting. Well, can't wait until next year. Wonder what their jokes will be?

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