Monday, February 20, 2006

ladida oh life!

I am still unemployed. Study - postponed. Money - I think zero. Liability - just one more credit card. Book - completed and still searching for publisher.

The only place to surf internet, is at mak's house but had to do so sparringly especially when dad came home and showed me the bill. RM80 waahh!!! Me just use the dial-up and always disconnected, still RM80? hehehe. As usual mom started nagging me. Dad just raised his eyebrows and me? Never mind. Got long tunnel between my ears meh! Whatever came into the right ear can just slide through the opposite way!

Life as an unemployed can be very hectic. Tak percaya? Well, last Friday, sis called and said she wanted to hitch a ride with me balik kampung, so off we went from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca, with another small baggage in tow. My cutest baby niece.

My mom of course was delighted to see the baby. She spent two days playing with her, cooeing her and did whatever grandmother do lah! Then its time to go back to KL. As a designated unpaid permanent family driver, I duly noted my duty to drive sis. Unexpectedly, mom wanted to come too.

The drive to KL began. As usual, since we are not a staunch Gov supporters, we took trunk road. 2 1/2 hour to reach KL. Under the scorching hot sun. In Kancil.

Mom's not the type who could be comfortable at "foreign land" too long. Even at sis's home. So after spending about one and a half hour there, she insisted we drive back to Malacca. Aisey! There should be no argument about it! So, reluctantly, we said goodbye and ready to go back.

After about five kilometre, the clouds started to gather, the wind howling and rain finally came down. In buckets. I took a different route, to Keramat wet market. Hahaha told mak. Laparlah! Can we stop for dinner?

"Got money?" mak asked.

"Nope!" I grinned.

"Then how to pay?"

"It's your turn to pay lah! How to drive in this rain? I can't even see two metres ahead. My stomach emptylah mak."

We went into a regular small but busy warung. Each of us got one plate of steaming hot rice. A portion of chicken for me and a fish for mak. Some vege and salted egg to share between us. A glass of lemon for me and a carbonated orange for mak. Total RM9.40. Then mak decided to pack dad some roti canai. So another RM3.00 added.

Mak grumbled when she took out RM20 from her wallet, but later added another 40 sen for some gula-gula hahaha.

By the time, we finished our meal and into our car, the rain has stopped. By the time we left Kajang, mak already lentok her head. She was fast asleep. She did not even stirred during the drive or the occassional bounced when I hit some potholes. I slipped in my tape into the deck. Tam of Spider started "coaxing" me to rub the magic lantern. Gosok jangan tak gosok...

I had to "endure" listening to the tape for three times as my nephew had "kapur" my Radja tape and left me with the empty cover. Ceh!

p/s : mom's nagging in the background but I couldn't hear the details...

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