Saturday, April 30, 2005


I was driving home from work when I received sms from Nit telling me that she is now in the capital city. We have not met for quite a long time although Nit is only working in Tangkak - about half-and-hour drive from Ayer Keroh. So, all the way, we kept sms-ing each other on when and where to meet. Since I am working tomorrow, we decided to meet on Sunday - time and location undecided yet.

Once at home, I called Zurd, asking her to join us for at least a drink and she said yes. Told her to at least give some suggestion on the location as we have decided the meeting day would be on the weekend. Zurd told me that she would put on her thinking cap.. hmm..

I knew Nit since primary school days. She is the typical small size girl with a "shrieking" voice if shes decided to use it. Nit is very bright, extrovert, talkative and active. Overall she was a person I was not. She was the school prefect and I was the librarian. However, both of us was in the school choir, she was the soprano and I was the barritone (ye ke?). Anyway, despite our differences, we hit it off quite okay.

Her father was the religious teacher in our school and everyday I would "tumpang" them to school. Like her, the father is also a talkative person and most of us like him because he has very good sense of humour. Out of the blue he would joke about something. Same goes with Nit's mom. Although she is a housewife, she's quite a cool lady. The household can be a tad loud yet have this very close and loving family atmosphere. Needless to say, I liked going to Nit's house to mingle with her family and her four other siblings (all girls).

We used to call Nit "mosquito" because of her size and shrilling voice (again if she decided to use it), but she always take it in her stride. That is what I like mostly about her. Her "selamberness".

We used to get into a lot of mischief together. We were thick as thieves. There was an incident where her chair (in class) was stolen by this big size boy. So armed with a penyapu and me with a dust pan, we furiously chased the "thief" around the class until he had no choice but to put the chair back at Nit's place. No one messes with us.Thinking back, it was hilarious.

Then, both of us embarked on our teenagers journey and while in secondary school, both of us joined the Scouts. Why Scouts, because its not "lembik" such as Tunas Puteri. Oh! Boy! we learnt a lot from our seniors and none of them are good and can be used later in life - in a good way I mean. But, it was good survival skills though hahahaha. We cheated at almost everything except in studies.

I remember once in Jamboree in Templer's Park, we got hold of the official stamps for nmbers of activities that we have to do to earn the bronze, silver or gold badges. Apa lagi! We stamped our green report cards with the stamps and fake signatures like a pair of lunatics. Aiyo! Are you high enuff to climb 20 feet high climb? Her retort would be Are you light enuff to climb? hehehe. Then there was the Flying Fox, Monkey Climb and more. We got free stamps for helping the Bomba rolling the hose though.

Then after SRP (ours was the last SRP examination held) she got a place at MRSM Dungun or Kuantan (am not sure). I continued studying at the school. We went our separate ways after that. She continued her studies at Universiti Sains Malaysia and I started working. It was several years later that we finally met and talked about the old days. And she still the old Nit that I know.

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