Tuesday, May 03, 2005

water 2

Ahh.. actually I was supposed to write about Pertak, one of popular picnic spots near the border between Selangor and Pahang.. hence the title water.

It was finally our outing destination. Zurd, Nit and me. I have been planning to go to Pertak for quite some time but the timing was always wrong. So, yesterday, we decided to just drive up to Ulu Yam and go to Pertak for a picnic. We picked up Nit in Ampang and from there took the highway to Kuala Kubu Baru and then to Pertak. It was a long drive, but an enjoyable one as we talked about the good old days. All the mischief that we got ourselves into, miserable love stories and the up and downs of being adults. Fuh! Purely heavy stuff!

Kampung Pertak is a nice area far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But, it was not the same since the Sungai Selangor dam in Kuala Kubu Baru was built. Where used to be the spot where people stopped their cars and had a splash in the water was now gone and replaced with dual carriageway highway overlooking the area where it was submerged for the dam.

Although the area retained its serenity, it was not the same anymore. We made a wrong turn at first but finally decided to gamble our way and if we could not find the white water, we may just go up to the Frasers Hill. With this in mind, we plunged ourselves and had a whirlwind driving around the winding road to Fraser's Hill.

Then at one of the most sharpest bend I had ever experience, we saw cars parked on the roadside. This maybe it, we thought and true enough, this was one of the picnic spots along the river. There were steps leading to the river but the picnic area was limited. Since most space were taken by families and also people who camped there, we decided to find our own spot and off we go into the river to a secluded spot under the tree downstream.


Zurd did not waste any time and started "berendam" like the water buffalo hehehe, while Nit and I just contented ourselves in dipping our feet into the cool and refreshing water. What a place to spend the day! We spent the time eating food that we bought earlier and talked and talked.

By 2pm, we decided to leave the place and try our luck to go to Fraser's Hill. More winding uphill drive but once we reached the Fraser's Hill gate, the was already a long queue. Another eight km climbing the hill may not sounds that bad, but it took half-and-hour to reach there.

my two bestfriends

It was just a teeny weeny bit cooler at Fraser's Hill so we just walked around and admire the greenery at the hillside. We saw many Singaporeans coming here. Maybe because of the long holiday or the golf range available there. I don't know. But the place seems to be popular among the people across the Causeway.

It was one relaxing holiday for me.. but it was a different story when I woke up today. All my body aches... adoi!

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