Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I know I promised to blog regularly. That rambling about anything should be a therapeutic instead I broke my promise and failed to update my blog. Cheh!

About two weeks ago, I was car-less. My road tax expired and was too lazy to renew it, of course was also "kopak" to renew the insurance too. So, to simplify things, I took our famous public transport to work. From home I took the feeder bus to the LRT station, took the LRT to Bangsar and the last few kilometres to the office, I walked.

After so long of driving alone and hate the idea of car-pooling, I totally forgot the experience of taking public transportation in the capital city of Malaysia. How I missed taking the bus when it is full with school children. The "tungkik" smell during the evening rush hours in contrast with "toilet freshness" of too much parfum spray in the morning. But, one thing I had observed and still do was Malaysian still prefer to daydream, staring aimlessly or thingking too deep (tido ler) instead of reading the free Sun newspaper. Well, we are still way back in reading culture I guess.

I love the one-kilometre walk from the LRT station to my office. Watching the turtles (tung-tung, tortoise - I don't know which) swimming in the murky pond near the TNB HQ, the homeless guy who was always sleeping on the bench at the bus stop and yeah! Almost got mowed down when crossing the street.

Overall, I did enjoyed my ride on public transports. I had my Touch and Go and I can stop at any stations. I can go to buy books at KLCC or makan Mc Donalds at Ampang Park. I enjoyed the banter between the school children, listening to ramblings, rolling my eyes at "budak sekolah" couples who just can't wait to grow up and others who just still enjoy being school kids in school uniforms.

I found it more relaxing taking LRT and bus or even walking to office rather then driving although the air-conditioning in my Proton Wira Aeroback 1.5 Automatic is still working full blast and with a full basket of tapes (no CD, still old tapes) to entertain me.

Now, I have renewed my car's insurance and road tax. I am no longer car-less. The car is no longer collecting dust at the level 15 of the parking area. I am now too mobile that I can just start the engine and go anywhere I want to go (within M'sa jer la).

I miss my public transport.

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