Saturday, June 18, 2005

exercise or what?

For the past 11 years working, I guess I have changed houses eight times. Not bad for a modern Badouin hehehe. Of all the places that I have stayed, the Bukit Kerinchi apartments left many fond memories to us. Besides the 3Gs experiences, there we learnt to deal with burglars, polices, lazy security guards, mamat skodeng, necking couple - ringan-ringan, berat-berat and the last but not the least - horny guy who masturbated in the middle of the night. Such colourful characters and to quote Astro - macam-macam ada...

It was not like I go and looked for these demented people. It always happened when I was minding my own business and then wham! bam! I saw things that I was not supposed to see. Of course I did some double or err sometimes triple take but it was all out of curiousity.. I promise! hehehehe Like the incident where I “accidently” saw this mamat who was rigorously doing some “exercise”. Well, at first I thought he was doing exercise... I didn’t know that emm.. he was emm.. doing other type of exercise.

It started off with me pondering my life at the balcony of my then rented apartment on the fourth floor. It was already late at night and I was deep in thought (no.. not asleep) kinda thinking whether to go on with this long distance relationship that I was in. At the same time, it was my last nite. I was about to leave for my Bali trip on the morning. So I had mixed feelings that night, kind of down a bit but still excited for the trip. So while pondering my eyes strayed. Looking but not really seeing (?) when suddenly my two eyeballs caught a very active movement on the ninth or seventh floor of the apartment next to mine.

I thought.. wah! So rajin this mamat, exercising at night. Then I looked at the empty parking building in front, looking at KL skyline at night. Then the movement on that apartment unit caught my eyes again. My brain started functioning. Then I started to focus. No!!! That mamat definitely was not exercising. He was doing something else!!! And he was doing it standing in his living hall facing the balcony with sliding door open! Yuck!!! But then.. hmmm.. this is definitely fascinating. Adoi!

So, I ran inside the house, roused my dearest friend El and told her what happened. Luckily, we had already switched off all the lights. (at that time mana ada Astro lagi!) and started to hide behind the sliding door curtain to watch the emm.. blue show or was it kuning? Anyway, there we were, huddled behind the curtain with little opening for two pairs or eyeballs to see. So fascinated with the exercise regime that was being conducted.

Ok, the guy himself was nothing to shout about. We can’t see his face clearly and he was flashing his other parts to the world. Body eleh! Boroi. Potruding belly. He was kinda a big guy. Anyway, none of us would have noticed him even if we rub shoulders with the guy on the street.

El whispered to me whether the man would noticed that we were skodeng-ing him, but I replied that our house was already dark, that he may not see us. We dared not laugh out loud moreover roll down and laugh out loud (yeah! I wonder why). So, we just giggled. Put hands on our mouth and giggled. It was a rigorous exercise, I assumed. Because, the man sometimes squat, sometimes stand up. He would bent forward and sometimes bend backwards. All these he did in front of the sliding door with lights on brightly.

From behind the curtain in the living room, we changed spot. This time in El’s bedroom, but we did not get a clear view of all the actions. From there we went to my bedroom which we supposed to be able to see him clearly. But there is one problem, he can also see us. So, back to the living room we went. There, we continued to giggle and whispered to each other. Discussing techniques and wondering who were his other (un)fortunate audiences.

However, one thing I salute about this horny mamat. He carried on for almost two hours with in-between rests. (Rest assured, we did not spent the whole nite watching him. I was packing. I was supposed to start my holiday in Bali, remember?). I was surprised that neither me nor El had ketumbit in our eyes for watching things that we were not supposed to see, ahaks! We slept around 1am that night and I had to wake up very early to catch a flight from Subang Airport to Denpasar-Bali. So, I went for my five-days frolicking under the sun and catching the waves (iyalah tu, I can’t even swim!), but we did had great fun in Bali. After that week fun and once back at home - El gave me the full report of the (none)strings of events that happened on that “marked apartment”.

El said he was on for the whole week until the day I came back. He stopped. Good for him! I don’t think after seeing all the beautiful bods (topless of course) lying on the pristine white beach sun baking ops bathing, I can’t stand watching err.. the guy with boroi stomach, doing bend regime hehehehe

Anyway I don’t know what happened with the horny mamat because the house was empty after that.

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