Sunday, September 24, 2006

New Look New Style

I always have an issue with bathroom or toilet. I may not be too fussy about clothes I wear, food I eat or almost everything else I do in life, but I am quite (to say that I'm very is not truthful) fussy about my bathroom.
So when I moved into this flat, I love everything about it except of course the bathroom. Like any other bathroom in any other houses in the world, it has all the basic functional equipment. No complaint about that. Unfortunately for us who live in this blocks of council homes, the bathroom was designed not to have a proper ventilation.
Definitely when it summer, the temperature may soar like we're back in Malaysia and when it's winter, the themometer mercury would plunge to a minuscule height and the bathroom would be the last place where you want to be found when you're dropped and dead. It would be like a freezer, but then your body would last a bit longer though before the maggots came .....
Anyway! Not just the carpet was dirty aaaannnnd wet, the colour chosen for that tiny closet called bathroom is GREEN! Yikes! I mean, were our predecessor colour blind? Moss green carpet in a bathroom? They're seriously need to be educated on colour scheme. That's enough to make me green (not with envy though but just green er.. like HULK?) and is soaked due to all the splashing/bathing activities in the bathtub.
And when it's dirty, no one had the 'heart' to take off the old carpet, dry it or even replaced it. Who knows what type of creepy crawlies lurking under that hedious green wet carpet? But I CAN'T STAND the carpet! I hate it! I want it removed and I want it removed now!
So I decided, drastic situation needs a drastic measure. Of we go to the £1 shops that are scattered everywhere in the city centre and bought a self-adhesive laminated flooring and started on our project to spruce up the toilet. It took only a day to take out the old soaked carpet and sticking the laminated floor. Not bad for an amateur like me to do the labour work.
First we took out the carpet, hoover it and clean it manually, sticking the laminated floor like playing jigsaw puzzle and viola! The new vinyle floor is completed. Took out the old dirty shower curtain and replaced it with a blue more softer plastic curtain (also cost £1). Another week went by as we want to wait for the carboot sale day for the last touch-up - the rug. All in all, we're happy with the result. Not bad for amateurs.
Just look at the difference!

Cost breakdown.
1. Laminated Floor (come in four per pack) = £8.00
2. Shower curtain (blue and soft) = £1.00
3. Bath rugs (bought at carboot n purple in colour) = £2.99
4. Labour (TLC) = £0.00


Anonymous said...

haloo makcik,

dah nengok ke webtv aku? errr since when did i 'own' a webtv? hehehhe


komen ler sikit ... ekekkekekek .. official comment kat .. kelik je kat kiri atas tu.

for personal one ... email je la ek. hehehhe

p/s: i am blue green red and purple with envy when i saw that lake scenery .. cantik gilos babas. :)

Anonymous said...

lupa plak .. anonymous tu aku ler .. has. :D