Friday, February 18, 2005

aahh... the joy

After spending the night at Heathrow Airport, it was good to finally catching a plane to Valladolid, Spain.

Last night we went out looking for Arsenal Stadium. What an adventure! We got down at different underground station and spent three hours walking, looking for the old stadium. After asking people here and there, we finally found the old stadium tucked between houses. It was easy to miss it! Should have got down at the Arsenal station!

Since there is nothing else we could do or go last night, we decided to head back to Heathrow airport and sleep there before taking a bus to Stansted Airport to catch the Ryanair to Valladolid.

At first we thought that Stansted was a small aiport but was pleasantly surprise to see that the airport was quite big and we need to get on aiport train to go to the departure gate.. hehehe. As expected there wasa delay in our flight but not that long. Finally we were already inside the Ryanair on our way to Valladolid.

It was a weather transformation. From the cold and gray London to cold and sunny Valladolid! This airport is small. I mean once you enter the airport, it was already pasport control line. But for a small airport,it took them almost an hour to bring our baggages to the carousel.

From the airport, we bought a ticket to the main bus terminal and from there bought a bus ticket to Madrid. Finally we reached the estacion de autobuses at 9pm and took a cab to the Hostel Chelo at Hortaleza near the Gran Via.

First agenda for the day.. eat and sleep.

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