Saturday, February 19, 2005

the smell

Here we are, in front of a tiny window of the favourite Italian pizza parlour waiting for our pasta spinach y cream while feasting our eyes on the expert ways our both beloved "abangs" throwing the pizza doughs up in the air. The truth? It was freezing outside and we huddled near the window just to get some heat from the oven hehehehe. It has become a ritual for us that after all the walkabout in the city, we must buy pasta at the famous pizza place to end the day. Although spinach y cream used to be my favourite to eat with lays chips, now I turned to just a simple tomate pasta. But then, these are our staple food...

This morning, without any need for planning or much decision, we knew where we are going to start the day. Santiago Barnabeu. The famous stadium in Madrid, where the famous Real Madrid starring Luis Figo, Raul Gonzales, Ronaldo, Zidane and Michael Owen are playing. (notice that I purposely left out Bekham? *wink* *wink*)

Instead of taking a metro directly to the stadium, we decided to walk so that along the way we can pose and take picture at some of the tourists spots. Places such as the Cebeles and the view of the recently burned Windsor Tower near El Corte Ingles at the business district. It was a long walk. Anyway the news of the burned tower went on even that it occurred almost a week before we arrived in Madrid.

Speculation that it was not an accident was debated especially when one footage of the burning building showed a shocking silhouette of two men were captured on tape. The blackened building was another attraction to both the locals and tourists. People flocked the nearest El Corte Ingles's second floor patio just to take picture of the melted building. It was eerie yet how the building remains standing was some sort of ..amazing..

Anyway, at the stadium, Jules managed to buy a ticket for la campiones league. It cost Euro100, but she is happy. Started praying that Real will win this match..

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