Thursday, February 24, 2005


All the way from Valladolid, Spain to London Stansted, I was praying very hard. Never in my life I felt that God finally listened and more than generous to grant my prayers.

I prayed that we have more time to catch the flight to Prague so God answered by working up the weather that caused the flight to delay for almost two hours!

This was what happened, yesterday; Deal was already waiting for us at Stansted and after collecting our baggage at the carousel, we ran to the Easyjet counter to check in for the flight to Praha.

Alhamdulillah we made it! I was so excited, really excited to go to Prague/Praha. This would be our first destination in Eastern Europe. Not to mention that every travel books that I read about Praha praised the beauty of the city. I can wait to go to the Hradcany Castle, Charles Bridge and of course Sparta Praha (famous football club in Czech Republic).

It was snowing heavily in London, so all flights were delayed. Our Easyjet flight finally took off around 7pm London time (European time 8pm). So we finally reached the airport around 10pm. Did some money exchange and later took a small bus to the David's apartment Křižíkova 9”.

As instructed, in case we were late, which we were last night (we arrived around 11pm) we should take the key from another a restaurant nearby. Fumbled to open the main door, couldn't find the light switch, again fumbled to open the connecting door. Took the stairs up one floor and proceed to the Room no 19. Tried the light switch. Viola got light. Fumbled to open the door. Two tries. Yea! We were inside.

I love the apartment. It is big enough for four beds, a tiny kitchen with small table for four. I took the bed near the kitchen. Dubbed "The Maid's Room". Em took the one near the tv, while Juli and Deal took the double beds.

Everything about the apartment was delightful. Not just the colour scheme was warm and "happy", we can cook our meals thus we can budget, has a one-door refrigerator and a bath tub if one needs to soak oneself during winter!

There's nothing much to do that night except sleep and get ready to start our adventure the next day.

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