Friday, February 25, 2005

Praha - the next day

It was already 9am when someone knocked on the door. It was the front office - I don't know his name - told us to go to the office first because he wanted a copy of our passport. Okay! Will do!

Done that. Asked him how to go to the attraction. Was given a map and a direction to go to the old city Stare Mesto. He said it would take 10 mins walk to the old town. Asked him how to go to Sparta Praha the stadium. Ahhh.. you have to take a tram no 9 to go there. Okay! Will do!

Oh but the most important place is, where is the supermarket, hehehe

So armed with a simple map, we embarked on our journey to the old city.. well instead of 10 minutes, the journey took us twice the time. Typical of us, instead of finding the old historical city, we found the shopping roads. So the first day was spent on checking out the departmental stores hehehe. The shopping area here was not bad, of course most of them are branded stuff and expensive. Popular British stores like Marks and Spencer, C&A (cheap and awful), Bhs and others are crowded with people. Of course, now that these stores were offering "Sales".

However, small shops tucked between these giant stores also have its own charm. The clothes are cheaper yet still stylish. Juli got her sweater that she proudly said only cost her RM35.

Along this road, we saw some men holding newspapers in arabic, so we figured that there may be a few Muslim communities in this city. They must have come from Turky, Bosnia Harzegovina or other muslim countries in Europe.

View from the castle
View of the castle
At the square

Well, our day would not be completed without a stop at Mc Donalds so into the outlet we went. While back home a fish meal is called Fillet-O-Fish, here it is FishMc. And, a complete meal with coke, fries (or deluxe) and fish burger are accompanied with strawberry jam sprinkled with sugar "McDonut". The damage for the meal, a whopping RM24!

To end the day, we stopped at the supermarket and shopping for food. From bananas to rice, butter for cooking, vegetables and of course RM14 crab sticks, sugar and tea. Not forgetting some instant noodles. Hope that the food can sustain us for the six days we will be here.

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