Sunday, February 20, 2005


Madrid over the years has become one of the favourite place for tourists. During the recent years, the city popularity had risen because of the Real Madrid fans. And this brought problems to tourists.... pickpockets.

I forgot to tell that tourists like to buy Real Madrid souvenirs or memorabilia thus they become the target of unscrupulous gypsies who normally worked in a group at crowded areas such as tourist spot, Cebeles or the underground metro station.

We had already taken precaution by putting our pasports in zipped pockets and wallet into jeans front pockets. But still being the target of these gypsies or pickpockets were annoying.

It happened at the metro station. We were about to embark into a train when we were suddenly pushed and jostled by a group of young people. All of us were carrying our backpacks at the back but there was nothing valuable inside except my heavy camera. (I would definitely feel if somebody would to take my camera out from the bag because it is heavy).

So, these people pushed us inside, giving us no space to move away from them. One of them put his hand on top of Jules's backpack while his other hand was underneath his coat, opening the zip. I tapped her on the back but she said there is nothing inside.

At that time, I had already brought my bagpack to the front and discovered that it was already half opened but fortunately nothing was missing. We just glared at the youngsters. My hands were itchy wanting to punch at least at one of the group members.

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