Thursday, June 02, 2005

am back...

After almost two weeks trying to recuperate from the pain in my butt, Im finally back at work. I was almost bored to tears doing nothing at home. I can sleep - the pain was excruciating when I try to lie down what more to sleep. I can't sit at all - this position was the most painful. I can't stand too long. Basically I can't do anything and this caused massive mood swings. So I just reclined like the old Romans on the couch and watched TV. Unfortunately there was no servant to feed me.. humph!

Thanks to my friend Zurd who had patiently listened to my ramblings, dealed with my mood swings and took time the time off to accompany me to the hospital for the X-ray appointment. I don't know what I'd do without you, friend!

The X-ray showed that I had a hairline crack on my tailbone (coccyx) and doctor gave me 12 days MCs to stay and rest. Yeah right! As if I can stay and rest at home. First, the resting part. How to rest la if I can't even lie down. I can't sit and I can't stand up properly. How long can you enjoy reclining on the couch for a long time. Well, I don't know how the Romans did it - the rich Romans of course reclining and do nothing. Of course la! They don't have this nagging painful butt, did they!

Second. Cooped up in a house is not how I would like to spend that 12 days, but then I can't drive because sitting and driving was out of the question what more to walk to the bus stop and take a bus to LRT station. With all the hurdles, I have no other choice but to stay home and watch Astro. From BBC news, AXN, comedies at StarWorld, cartoon at Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, all I belasah! Fortunately we don't subscribe movie channels.

After four days, I had enough. Called Zurd asked her to send me to the office clinic for second check up. Told me that I have to go back by meself. Fine. Walk or rather catwalking gingerly to the LRT station that is about two kilometre away from the office. Stopped at KLCC. Oh wow! bought some books. Yiehah! Food. Heaven! And just people watching. Or people watching me hehehe. A fruitful day. Got books for me entertainment, got food to fill me belly and got home safely without any mishap. But the next eight days were.... boring

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