Thursday, June 16, 2005

bad dog!

The owner of the dogs that mauled Muhammad Hazman Seh Zahidi was charged with negligence, yesterday. Its either 6months jail or RM2,000 fine. Alaaa.. RM2k only, Im sure the guy being a successful salesman, can easily pay the fine and his life will be back to normal.

But, I was thinking, why dog owners such as this Chong Foo Meng can be so.. irresponsible. These people are just not fit to own dogs.

They see their neighbours got dog, they also want a dog. To show off, they got two dogs. Hey! Since dogs are our best friends, why not keep dogs that can protect our house. Never mind that they bark incessently day and night. Ah... no need to bath them regularly, water tariff gone up now la. No, don’t chain the dogs, then how la to chase bad people. No, don’t close the gate too, let the dogs out. They need their afternoon walk. Oh never mind, the dogs know their way back homes. The rottweilers are very intelligent. That is why they are very expensive. Since they are very intelligent, they definitely can find their way back. Worth my money buying them lor!
Let them bark, let them run, good exercise. We are safe. Don’t let them eat too much otherwise they will be fat and lazy. No more agile. Cannot chase bad people anymore. Let them go out. Let them run. Let them chase people. Let them maul Muhammad Hazman Seh Zahidi. Because the worst that we got was only a miserable RM2,000 fine and lost a dog. Never mind. Have money can pay. Have money can buy new dog. Hic!

I remember the time when I was chased by a dog. It was a normal afternoon and I was about seven or eight. We had just moved to the new neighbourhood and I had just made new friends. At that time it was an adventure for me to cycle (on my basikal chopper) around with the new friends. It was like marking my territory.

I was cycling happily with my two friends - one sitting on the palang in front, another at small carrier at the back while I was the one cycling. (They don't have bicycles at that time - but I was just too happy to be their "cycler"). We were chatting happily and then I realised that we have already encroached into another creature's territory.

There was a pack of dogs barking at each other. They were about six or seven adult dogs. The brownish dogs with curved tails. I thought that since we were only passing by, we would be ok. Oh no! One dog saw us and may be mistaking my legs that cycling the pedals frantically as another drum stick or lamb leg kot! A dog started chasing me, I started paddling faster. Faster. And Faster.

He jumped. Plunged his fang into my thigh and let go. I was more in shock than in pain. We abandoned our plan to jalan-jalan keliling kampung and go back straight. I sent the two and headed home. Straight into my room and try to look at the damage. True enough, there was one fang hole in my thigh, but fortunately, there was no blood. Still shaking. Now more afraid of my mom scoloding me than the hole.

The duo later came to my house. Told my mom what happened. Uh! Uh! Bad news. Got scolded for the cycling incident. She told my dad what happened. Badder news. He "samak" me and the clothes that I wore then later dragged me to the clinic. Got a jab on my bum. Baddest news!

So now, when I saw a dog.. bad dog bad dog bad dog

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