Saturday, June 11, 2005

the pain in the... bum

So what do you call the pain in the butt?

Arse hole?

Not quite right, but close enuff.The pain is not really on the butt literally but on the tailbone or coccyx. So the tailbone pain or coccyx pain is called coccygodynia. It is so annoying that a common name (for me at least) is a pain in a butt. And when it becomes too painful, mind you, I can be an arse hole. There!

Actually what I found in the Net about coccygodynia is quite frightening. Most of the pain caused by falling backward (like I did) or childbirth (not yet). What I read is that it is five times more common in women than men, probably because the female pelvis leaves the coccyx more exposed. It appears that in most cases the pain is caused by an unstable coccyx, which causes chronic inflammation. Adoi!

Anyway, it was a looooong explanation on diagnose, painful areas, how to lessen the pain and so on. But what scares me is there is no actual cure on this. There were some patients who had to have injections to lessen the pain. Use U-shape pillow to sit and some other aide to help ease the pain.

After almost a month since that fateful day, I still could not have a decent night sleep. Everytime I turn to change position (I am very violent sleeper toss and turn every time the whole night) I would experience a pull on my butt. Sakit la.. sampai terjaga. Then I would have problem to fall asleep again.

My friend suggested that I should go berurut at my butt area. But then I still a bit afraid because what if the pain become worse after berurut. Further more I am a penggeli. I can’t have people touch me. The only area that I would allow people to touch me are my hands fingers to wrist and on my shoulder.. only the shoulder please. Other parts Sorry! Don’t even dream of putting your fingers there. What more my butt!

Hish! The pain of being me!

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