Thursday, June 16, 2005

hantu mu!

I love backtracking... this is one of them.

Ghost, ghouls, goblins (notice all starts with S?) or hantu or anything that can't be seen with naked eyes.. always got me fascinated. I guess thanks to my former bureau chief, I got hooked up with ghost stories. Yep, he is an avid ghost stories reader. He likes to watch ghost movies or any material on the "other side of the world". There are many websites that had became my favourite haunt and here too.

Since I had inflicted the desease from him, I got fascinated with the other world creatures too. A few years back I got hooked with a reality tv programme "Scariest Places on the Earth - hosted by Linda Blair" aired on AXN channel. I tried to imagine myself being one of the participants who were sent to investigate paranormal activities at old castle, mansions or run-down houses. I probably the first person to run out of the house. To heck with investigation! I would say.

Being a scatty-cat and sometimes scatterbrain person that I am.. (see what I mean), I am brave only when watching horror film (while holding my friend's hand of course), reading stories on the net(with cursor constantly pointing on other window in case the drame heightens) or books (when I can close it immediately). Of course, when out of ordinary things happened to me, I was too blur to even noticed.

Thinking back, I remembered that I actually experienced a few paranormal things. It happened when I was in Standard One and another when I went backpacking in Rome and Madrid a few years ago. Hmm.. I guess the timing was all wrong. These paranormal creatures decided to "sakat" me when I was either trying my best to hold my bladder or was too sleepy to bother. So by the next day, I was too confused to comprehend what I saw and experienced. Hmm..

So now the Discovery Channel had come up with another "unexplained" programme - True Horror. The first episode was last nite showed about the exorcism, about a woman, I dont remember where and when (that scatterbrain kicked in that time) who was possesed by a demon and brought to a church to be exorcist. She spent two months before the demon/satan finally decided to let go the woman's body. Eyewitness said they saw black smoke coming out from the woman's mouth. Entahler...

Anyway, the series are entertaining and this would be another of my favourite series after the "Scariest places on Earth" and later the CSI three cities (menipu jer semua nih). Anyway since I need more entertainment (and I can't stand the TNA wrestling and other yg sewaktu dgnnya) I stick to horror and scary movies. Plus the tipu CSI three cities.

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