Saturday, June 18, 2005

hantu mu, two!

All this while, I always thought that the 3G - nope, not the latest craze in the comm technology, mine is still the Z200 Sony Ericsson. But the Ghost, Ghouls and Goblins thingy would emerged once the sun sets and moon rises.

Well, a few years back, I discovered that the myth that you can only see ghost at night is not true. Back when I was staying at the Bukit Kerinchi (the famous apartment which was featured in NTV7 Edisi Siasat before), the ghosts made their presence felt not only during the darkness of the night but also during the broad daylight.

Our apartment unit was facing the LRT station, situated on the eight floor. Since there were only the three of us, we decided to take a room each and no sharing. And as I was the most miskin tenant, I took the smallest room. Still I was quite happy with the room because it was breezy, cool and cozy.

All three of us were in different industry, the one took the master bedroom was a lawyer, the second room was occupied by a exhibition booth designer and the third room was me. As both of them have normal off days during the weekend, I was left home alone during weekdays if my off days fall on that days.

It was during these days that I experienced unexplained experiences.. (tu dia!). Dee, my lawyer friend would normally closed and locked her bedroom door when she left for work. But, there were a few incidences when I was sitting down in front of my room doing some paper cuttings or other stuff that I did there, I would see shadows throught the slit between the door and floor of a person walking to and fro the attached bathroom. Then I would get annoyed with Dee.. Oh! Off and locked yourself inside the room ya?I would knocked her door and called her name but there was always no response. “She” would keep very quite. I would give up and continued do my stuff or go out or anything. And by 6pm I would here someone opened the main door and Dee would call “Assalamualaikum!” I would annoyedly asked her why she locked herself inside the bedroom and she would tell me that she was out in court the whole day. Huh? Then who was in there earlier?

It was not the only incident. Sometimes middle of the night we would hear “someone” bathing inside the bathroom. It was very masculine bathing not the feminine type one - gedebush! gedebush! Amboi! But, we never felt afraid when any of us was left at home alone. Sometimes we joked about it, that the ghost that shared our house was very “pembersih”. Always taking a bath and yeah! I forgot, always clipping it nails (what a long nails you got there hehehe).

Then there was one night when my other friend El came running out from her room, knocked frantically on my door in the middle of the night. She yelled my name and I with bleary eyes opened the door (I hate sleeping with open door be it room door or closet. Everything must be shut properly except my windows of course. I am afraid of monster creeping out from the closet hahaha). Anyway, she demanded me to open the door and because she said she saw an old lady crouching between the ceiling fan blade and the ceiling. Aik? Ok. That night both of us sleeping with doors wide open.

One night we sort of change notes, telling each other our bizzare experiences. Then Dee told us hers. She was sleeping one night, when she saw a shadow moving at the side window. She ignore, then she heard a voice telling her to go to the balcony. She said she was like in a trance and just follow what the voice told her to do. When she snapped out of it, she found out that one of her feet was already dangling over the balcony railing. She immediately went inside and locked the sliding door. We thought, no wonder Dee always re-arranging the furniture in her bedroom.

Dee once invited me to sleep in her room. So I slept on her bed while she on the floor. That night I heard someone screaming into my ears but I was too sleepy to bother and ignored the shrilling voice. Only the next morning I told Dee what happened. Dee said “she” must be angry because I was sleeping on the bed.

Besides all these unexplained incidents, we continued living in the apartment because we like each other company and also the strategic location. However, our landlord decided to increase the monthly rental so we decided to move out. Dee was getting married and El and I just could not afford to pay for the rentals and were not interested to find other tenants.

When we moved into the apartment on the first place, we knew that the former tenant was not a Muslim. In fact she was a pious Buddhist. We had done what we could to “cleanse” the house, but I guess “it” was there before us and maybe before the tenant before us (duh!) and was reluctant to leave. We then decided to co-exist.

Only after we moved out from the apartment, we kept repeating the stories with each other and laughed it out. Dee said the ghost must be frustrated with us because none of us had ran, screaming and shivering except for that one incident with El.

Anyway, whenever I drive near the area, I would automatically looked up at our former apartment and wonder whether the current tenants experience what we had experienced before. Curiously, most of the time, I saw that the apartment unit seems to be..empty.

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