Thursday, June 09, 2005


I got too much work and too much leisure time that merit for an OT today.

It was already 8.30pm and some of my colleagues were watching the Diary Akademi on Astro. (yeah we got Astro in the office with all channels except the cartoon channels hahaha).

Our flamboyant colleague JL (JLo? naaa.. although sometimes he does act like a spoil entertainer) was hungry and asked around if anybody would like to share for a McD take out. Offer was immediately took up and orders were shouted from every corner of this big office.

Somebody asked for Quarter Pounder.

"What?!" JL shouted back.

"I want Quarter Pounder Meal." came the response.

"You want the kote pounder?!" JL laughed out.

No response.

Ouch! Must be one heck of painful burger!

A half an hour later, the aroma of burgers and fries fill the room. I guess that someone finally got his kote ops quarter pounder...

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