Thursday, August 11, 2005

hazy triumph

I can't claim victory yet, but my attempt to change this blog template and put banner by my own has shown glimmer of success. Not bad for first attempt. Telling myself a bit more.. just a bit more..

My eyes started to water when I finished putting up the banner. I don't know whether it is because I stared too long on the windows or because of the haze outside. It is getting worse by the seconds. We can't see the nearby TNB building from our office on the fourth floor. A friend said that it looks like snow season. True in visual sense but the thermometer level did not go down instead continue to climb up. It may be hazy but it is stifling.

A friend came and handed me dust mask. Thank you Hal! It was bearable to sit here inside the office building. The aircondition is working finely, not like a few months ago when we only rasa hujung-hujung saja kesejukan penghawa dingin di opis ni. This time, the temperature is constant, but why ya.. my plant seems to be layu-ing?

We had our first haze casualty today. Ritz who was in Shah Alam felt dizzy while in the line of duty. Kesian dia. It was worse in Klang compared to KL. I know. I was there yesterday and again today. Got a call informing me on sudden conference in SUK Shah Alam. After I had my dose of profanities (uh uh.. have to stop the bad habit!), I shot all the way to Shah Alam. Lucky the traffic was not so bad but the haze was getting thicker and thicker when approaching Shah Alam. I was thinking that if Shah Alam is this bad, what about Klang?

True enough, Klang reached the Emergency level yesterday. API (Air Pollution Index) has reached more than 500. Emergency Order would definitely be declared. (Yes, Pak Lah has already issued the Emergency declaration just now).

Aiseymen, tak bawa kamera to capture the hazy scenery...

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