Monday, August 22, 2005

will you marry me?

I asked Zurd to marry me.

It happened yesterday. A beautiful Sunday morning and we were on our way to a wedding kenduri in Kelemak, Alor Gajah. Sorry Zurd, it was not during a candle light dinner or a walk in the park. Sorry, that I pop up the question when you were driving. I purposely did that. I had to corner you. So you would have no place to run away.

And dear, have I told you that you look stunning in your red and white baju kurung with matching scarf? You do.

I think, this is the perfect solution for us. We have known each other for.. 17 YEARS. Im still single and so do you. I know you are "in love" with someone else, but hey! You are not officially attached. Its like the pact made by Julia Roberts and Rupert Everett in My Best Friends Wedding. Lets get married, dear.

We are made for each other. The perfect match. You could finish my sentence and I yours. You know all my secrets and I know only part of yours. You have that mysterious aura that made me attracted to you more. Remember that we would talked on the phone for hours? We tried separation. It doesn't work for us.

Remember the misery, the boring days when you left me in KL alone. You went to Pendang and everyday we would call and talk on the phone? I couldn't explain the joy when you were transferred back to KL. But then our happiness was shortlived. It was my turn to be transferred out from KL. I was in JB and that 13 months there tested our relationship. But, I am just happy that we made it through.

Dear, you are what I am not. You could cook.. ah the basic criteria. Just a suggestion honey, why don't you ease a bit on the salt.. and if you don't mind, sambal belachan is meant to be hot. And okay. I promise, I will not tinker with your pots and pans. But, if you need help in repairing loose screw at the cabinet, just holler. I'll come running arm with my Black & Decker power tool.

Honey, you have so much love in your heart that you generously give to those close to you. You are a gentle person, a person that I hope could change me from a temperamental to more calm person. I love that sultry voice of yours over the phone.Your barely there laugh, although sometimes I don't understand what you were saying because your voice is too soft. But not to offend you, I laugh too.

Dear, how would I live without you? Will you marry me?

"Piirah mabuk! Ko dah bengong ke apa?!"

Alaaa Zurd, jangan lah marah kat aku. Kalau aku lelaki, sure aku pinang ko. Mesti mak bapak ko terima aku dengan hati yang terbuka.. lalalala

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bachokholdings said...

Okey gak awak ni ye..... Benut stay kat kampung mana?