Wednesday, August 03, 2005


My second Timex lasted for 10 years before I lost it. I've changed the wrist band four times. From the original leather band to the metal bands.

I love my Timex although the Indiglo was broken and the glass face was full with scratches. I first bought Timex watches when I was in Form Six. It cost only RM60 and at that time was the "funkiest" watch that I can afford.

While my friends opted for Swatch, I was content with my Timex. It may not as expensive or trendy as Swatch watches but I love my Timex with its black nylon band and black face with red colour hands showing the hour, the minutes and the second. It was practical analog watch. It lasted about two years before it went kaput on me and I saw one under the same brand name sold at a small watch shop in Jalan Silang.

It was on display with other "brothers and sisters" in a rectangular box. One caught my eyes. It was not funky nor trendy. It was normal regular looking white face and bround leather band watch, but what set it apart was the sign - "Indiglo". I knew then and there it would be my first Indiglo watch and I gladly parted with my RM150 for that watch. The money that I had just received as my second month salary eight hours before.

Last year during rainy season, I was in a hurry to get out of the car. I had a few plastics of stuff that I had just bought from the Jaya Jusco Taman Universiti, Skudai. I just hang everything on my left wrist and used my right hand to push open the door, slammed it and use the remote control to lock my MsWira. I did not realised that my Timex was no longer secured on my left wrist. It was gone. Permanently.

I was actually moody when I realised that I lost that Timex. That wrist watch who was the witness of my terbulent life, the one that I thought would never leave me. The Timex who had faithfully showed me the time when I was here in the beloved country or traipsing across Europe. I remembered the last time I bought the new battery for the watch was in March 2003 in Hull. It cost me GBP7 at that time.

Then, I vowed not to buy any wrist watch except Timex brand although how tempted it would be. There would be no Swatch, Citizen or even Alba. I couldn't bear to put any watch on my wrist except my beloved Timex brand. I felt that I would be cheating if I fasten Citizen, Raldo or dad's favourite Rolex on my left wrist. Lucky, I got free watches when I went for Immigration raid on illegal Chinese peddler a few days later. I got a free Bozen metal watch which lasted until last month.

Last week, Sis told me to send her to clinic for medical check up today. I picked her up and send her (part of duty for being the younger sister). She flashed me her brand new Titus watch. Pretty, I told her. Said she bought it at Sunway Pyramid. I knew that was the sign. I need a new watch. My wrist has been bared for the past 31 days. I need to buy myself a watch but it would not be any watch. It would be a new Timex. Haze or no haze...

By the end of the day, I got my new Timex Expedition Indiglo WR50m. I love it!

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