Wednesday, May 11, 2005

focus of lacked of attention

I am off today. Doing house chores and watching Oprah hehehehe

Today it is about 11 men becoming women. They have to go through the normal routine that women in US of A are mostly doing. They have to go through the painful waxing (some of us here are more content with just shaving than waxing.. well some just feel too confident and allow those legs to go hairy waduh!). Make up, selecting dresses to match with purses and shoes. Learn how to be graceful and get in touch with their feminine side. Its more like watching a drag show.

Among the challanges for the guys are to get comfortable with their getup and go out in public. Some looked pretty enough but most of them look like cross dressers crossing the street. Anyway! Salute to these guys who brave enough to take up the challenge for a quarter of million dollar! Well, as these guys came in variety shape and sizes, well they turned into variety of shape and sizes wo-men.

I may be laughing together with the studio audiences but a confession from one of the participants really jarred me back to the reality. He, the wrestler said;

Being a "plus sized woman" I feel being the focus
of lacked of attention.

Don't asked me what it means but I think I got it. You get the least of public attention and yet you are being the focus of the whole scenario. Confused? Yes. But it was so glaringly clear.

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