Wednesday, May 04, 2005

nite crawlies

We had a long dinner last night that made me missed my date with CSY New York.

Kas, Zura and Sue decided to have dinner in Shah Alam and they included me in the outing (humble ;]p *wink wink*). They selected a restaurant in Section 9 as it was supposed to have the best bubur nasi (porridge) and "keropok lekor" so far. Well Im game though I've decided not to eat any porridge but to try out the "keropok lekor". Since it was almost maghrib, we decided to eat after the prayer.

The restaurant situated at the corner has a few tenants selling porridge, sotong goreng kangkung and keropok lekor. Lile most Malaysian, sitting outside was not an option, it is a must because many restaurants in commercial lots did not have good ventilation. Sitting inside a restaurant would be either stuffy or smelly. Kas picked the last table under a tree and we settled ourselves comfortably and chit chat while waiting for our food to arrive.

Indeed the food were savoury and you can choose your own dishes to complement the porridge. The keropok lekor was notbad either. Its not hard or liat but just nice although a bit oily. However, it was well into the night when I noticed we had another company - a pair of cockroaches "bergurau senda" near my chair. They ran out from the drain nearby and kept chasing each other "happily".

I was never into insects, roaches especially. I felt goose bumps already. I just hope that these two insects won't start flying everywhere, then I would surely freak out and would start looking for papers or any hard object to flatten them and flush them down the drain. From two those two "lover roaches" called out their friends and under the wood and the drain holes they came - in hordes. That's it! Im out of here!

While the food maybe good, the lacked of cleanliness is really a boo boo. I don't think that I would come here again in a long long time. What I really don't understand is how people can still eat with an army of cockroaches running here and there.