Wednesday, May 11, 2005

wise man said...

My father once said,

do not expect others to be able to do what you can do and never look down on people as they may be better than you.

What a wise man, my father is.

off track..
However, this saying does not applicable to my bestfriend Zurd, she is almost six footer and for a 5f5i like me, I always have to "look up" at her even when she talked rubbish. Aiyoh!

on track..
So, here I am, standing in front of him, studying his face closely, dismissing my father wise words and instead in my head, I started singing...

Kau peluk aku
Sebelum membunuhku
Tersenyum melihatmu
Merenung melihatku
Kau Menungguku
Menungguku terjatuh
Setiap langkah tertuju
Setia dalam renungku
Aku menunggumu
Mati didepanku
Di depanku
Di depanku
Kau peluk aku
Sebelum membunuhk
Tersenyum melihatku
Merenung melihatku
Apa ynag kau lakukan
Tak kau tunjukkan
Apa yang kau lakukan
Di belakangku
Di belakangku
Di belakangku
Di belakangku

Okay bos! Whatever you say bos!


I was walking at the parking lot when I received a call from kuehpau. I missed the late night supper and randevous with you. Collecting "boyfriends" all along the way. Oi! Its all in the name of work hehehehe. I've waited for more than six months for you and when you came, when we just about to settle down and enjoy the work at the "down under", I've transferred back to the rat's hole. Mereka mencemburui kita...

Thank you for the call, I will drop a line and link to your blog. Happy walking!

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