Tuesday, May 10, 2005

occupational hazard

After all that farting around yesterday, one can't help being out of breath.. gimme a sec! Puf! Puf!

Anyway, that outburst was not directed to anyone in particular, just letting the steam out. Since this blog is about MY mundane life, once in a while I still need to spice things up.

Lately I got tensed up easily because there are not much things to do in the office. I did not get the opportunity to go out, instead I were cooped up inside the office and had to do follow-ups, calling people here and there. It was so boring that I ended pissing off a few people on the Net and get meself pissed at. So, by end of the day, my occupational hazard had increased to 300 per cent, thank you very much.

Talking about the occupational hazard, my friend was recently diagnosed with computer related repetitive strain injury or RSI.

"We pray with our hands and often communicate with them. We use them to eat, work, and make love. We employ them as marvelously sophisticated instruments of flexibility and strength, and when they are damaged, we anguish." - Keith L. Moore, Clinically Oriented Anatomy.

Repetitive Strain Injuries occur from repeated physical movements doing damage to tendons, nerves, muscles, and other soft body tissues. Occupations ranging from meatpackers to musician have characteristic RSIs that can result from the typical tasks they perform. The rise of computer use and flat, light-touch keyboards that permit high speed typing have resulted in an epidemic of injuries of the hands, arms, and shoulders. Use of pointing devices like mice and trackballs are as much a cause, if not more so. The thousands of repeated keystrokes and long periods of clutching and dragging with mice slowly accumulates damage to the body : another name for the condition is Cumulative Trauma Disorder. This can happen even more quickly as a result of typing technique and body positions that place unnecessary stress on the tendons and nerves in the hand, wrist, arms, and even the shoulders and neck. Lack of adequate rest and breaks and using excessive force almost guarantee trouble.


Armada110 with one broken neck (yihihihi)
For a big company like my workplace, none of the office furniture are occupational friendly. In fact, these furniture seems to have mind of their own. Scary? Well, almost all of us here are scary hihihi.
Actually, I lost my favourite five-wheel drive this morning. Well, this is not the first time somebody stole my "vehicle" and it annoyed me when it was not at its "parking" place, so I had to go hunting high and low (take it in literally please ;p) for the five-wheeler and fuiyo! I found it at the other side of the office room. Lucky for me we have no cubicles, so hunting the wheeler is not a problem and does not need any binocular or yelling for that matter!
finally, at its proper place
Okay, okay it is just a normal cheap clerk's chair with no arm rests but it is comfortable than the rest of the chairs that we have here. At least it is able to support my back and made me sit up straight and the wheels are working nicely, so that I can just push the chair around to pick up phones from other desks. wheeeliee!

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kuehpau said...

ahhh the work load gets heavier as the paycheque thinned out. Love the pics, it made me think what am I doing here? Just to let you know, a colleague twice over, dropped by.