Monday, November 06, 2006

Jarum dalam lipatan.

Since this morning, I've been reading Malaysian online papers. Reading current and stale news and looking at pictures. What I read and saw really made me depress. First, it was a picture of overshot train in Sentul Timur, (Lucky there was no passengers) then it was reading about the plagiarism by Brendan Pereira (How Dearly We Miss June 6) to work of Mitch Albom's Remembering the day before the day.
Reading this made me sick. It was blatant plagiarism. How could a group editor stoop so low and blatantly copied other people's work without giving any credit? We were told over and over again that plagiarism is a serious offence. Even in university, plagiarism could mean failing the course or you may be kicked out and landed on your bum. It is serious.
I could only shook my head when I read that. But then of course that shock turned into something funny when I read Malay Mail front paged today. Written in bold red text, it said "WE ARE SORRY" said Syed Faisal Albar, CEO of NSTP. I almost had a stomach ache for laughing so much. It was hilarious. It was absurd. He made an absolute joke of journalism profession. No wonder people now have no respect for journalists. YOU made YOURSELF a laughing stock.
Last Sunday during my battle with pots and pans preparing for the Malaysian style open house, I received a text on my handphone. It was from the dragonlady. she said "Ur new malay mail is fast becoming a porn tabloid. Try reading ur exbos blog. Am sure thr shld b posting dedicated to d topic" But by the time, I finished everything, I was to exhausted to even on the computer. So today, I took the liberty of checking the news and surfing the exbos blog. Sure enough there were a few topics dedicated to the Porn Mail.
It does bring back memories. The time when we were very proud of telling people that we're from the newspaper. Where people looked at us as we were the MPs, Menteri Besar or mere Adun. That we're the 'magicians' who could turn their lives from worse to better or worse to worst or whatever their lives can be turned to. Gone were the days when our cars would be scratched by disgruntled fews who hated our guts for exposing the wrong doings of the arses 'they' licked. Now 'we' are looked with smirks on 'their' faces. With laughters ringing behind those who wearing the NST/MM tags. I pity my colleagues and my juniors. May you stay strong.
Reading these news, I can only come to one conclusion. Journalism profession in Malaysia is in shambles and I hope there would be people strong enough to rebuild it.


akuhas said...

Sedih sangat kan?

Both of us were so proud known as MM hantus, going with out rendevous making people's live miserable .. but now .. I wouldn't want to be associated with the NSTP group of papers anymore. adehhh .. what a shame.

Since MM was established in 1896, MM always came out with good investigative reporting .. kalah karam tu la. NOW?? lucah tak abis-abis.

That's what you get when the COO is an accountant, bukan journalist pun. dia tau nak buat duit je. and sex do sell, right?

pastu chief editor bekas editor FHM. again, what do we expect from a person of this credential.

there goes my beloved MM. so sad. nak nangis atau nak ketawa? hehehhehe

sang diva said...

when they start Malay mail with new 'improved' face, I was happy. I mean, even during the old, 'boring' (boringlah kot kalau tak takkan the bosses tukar imejnya hehehe), it's my paper of choice.

I would read Malay mail before I read my own paper. But after a while, I sort of not satisfied anymore. I mean, the old MM used to be the champion in people's related matters, but now, you have insensitive quotes at the end of the reports.

In fact, I don't really want to read weekend mail, because it's so full with entertainment goodies instead of news gems like the old time. I didn't even read past the fourth page, on the last one that have cause such a hu ha amongst the politicians, not until the ministers started lambasting it, thus the sms to u babe.

sang diva said...

babe, tadi masa tengah dok tunggu mayat perempuan mongolian yang kena tembak lepas tu kena bom tu, aku lepak ngan Azman. Dia ingat ko masih di Malaysia negara panas ni. Aku cakap ko kat Glasgow dah. Dia kata eh baru aku tengok nama dia buat translation kat Channel 9. Aku cakap tu dolu-dolu lah. Dia minta no ko, so aku bagi la.

btw, yang katanya terbabit dalam kes perempuan mongolia tu katanya political analyst terkemuka. take a guess babeh. hehehe

khairyn said...


Cis woman, I got several names in my head already! hahaha. Well any tom dick or harry at roadside coffee shop are expert political analyst hahhaa..

cik! Email me the name. Aku dah tak sabar dah ni. Better yet, I call you later naaaa.... Ni yang best ni!

akuhas said...

cheh!! gossip tak abeh abeh .. kekekeke

wuit pompuan naga ... aku ko tak nak call ke? hehee

oppsss .. handphone kong! kakakaka

aku pun nak tau gak .. satni aku call hang naaa