Saturday, November 11, 2006

Titisan di tingkap

Its gloomy, the heaven above
The saddest songs are sung
With tears dropping heavily
Down the hollow cheeks
Smile he said, smile for me
Lift your heart soar your spirit
For I am here though you need to seek
I will always be for you to peek
But hope would always be blown away
By the heartless who felt no fear
Who, derived happiness in darkest soul
Whistling with glee, cackled and rattling
Tapping furiously on window of sane
Inviting and pulling her fragile heart and mind
Sinking down, down and drowned in turbulence
Gentle, gentle she said
For my heart is fragile and easy to break
So he told her, be strong my love
For I will never leave your side forever
Bear the sorrow for a little while longer
And I promise to return with warmth and life
Then the sadness and sorrow would come to an end
Tiny droplets of dark mist would be carried away
So when the heavens door open and inviting
And He pours his blessing with love abundance
She knows in her heart that new life will begins
She tilts her head back and look up searching for him
Hope that he would peek and shining
Soaring her heart back to heaven
Lifting her spirit higher and higher
Like the birds floating near the clouds
Singing the songs of sorrow now gone
He would be there waiting for her
Looking, seeking and seeing
With a brightest smile on his rounded face.

Mana matahari ni?!


ainee said...

the pic is artistic, so does the poem. hmm, 'he' just standing behind to have a rest it think.

may the orange fiery ball continue to smile :)

Mimi Amilia said...

yeahh housemateku..pagi2 dah bermadah pujangga dgn kesejukan dan angin yg menggila kat sini...ehehhee...

p/s..bunyi angin kaco i tido!

khairyn said...

ainee :
camera not as sharp as it used to be.. ahhh... old age and due to my bullying i guess. kesian my camera. was feeling a bit malancholic hence the tahapa-hapa poem.

mimi :
Sojuk weh! Me heater conged and give me suam suam hujung kuku. Maybe coz I stand next to it too long uh? Me brain stop working. Me stress. Me getting old .... aahhhhh.

akuhas said...

fuiyooooooohhhhhh ...

melankolia ek? aku teringat kat lagu Cinta Melankolia tuh. huhuhu

untuk semua.

Tiada terfikir
Engkau akan tiba
Membawa perangsang

Tiada terfikir
Engkaukan membuka
Sempadan perasaan

Bunga kembang bertali hati
Bunga kembang di kemuncak akli

Penjajahan cinta mu
Di atas bumi raga ku
Penjajahan cinta mu
Di bawah awan setuju
Adalah suatu pengalaman

Tiada terfikir
Engkau akan tiba
Membawa harapan

Tiada terfikir
Engkaukan membuka
Sempadan perasaan

Engkaulah yang kini mekar
Dalam diri ku yang melankolia
Akulah simpang tersasar
Karam janji ku yang melankolia

p/s: zakiah cakap aku workaholic. betui ke? kena tanya hang la kan sebab hang yang tau aku keje camana.