Thursday, November 23, 2006

Susah ke?

Which part of the 'tak menyusahkan' is really 'tak menyusahkan'?
One day, two months ago, in a crowded public area.
"Ah! We're lucky to find you! Tak Melayu hilang di dunia."
"Oh no problem! Birds of a feather flock together, right? Don't you know the rule? Are you stoopiied or what? Glad we could help."
Three containers stood nearby.
A week later an email was sent;
"Hi how are you? Forgot your containers aaa? Don't want them?I should chuck in the sea and hope the current would push them to your place eh?
a reply via email ...
"Thank you for your help. No no sea takes time Why don't you fly them to my mate. Faster no? Hope tak menyusahkan."
emailing back ...
"No problem. Your friend should contact us, we must not waste money and contact your friend."
Another week passed by.
Friend via phone.
"Hi! I don't want to come. I give excuse that my car broke down. Besides, why must I come, its not my stuff anyway!"
"Well fine! Don't expect us to come and carry all that stuff to you! Just pray we're not going to open a booth and sell it at car boot!"
Fast forward.
An email was received ...
"Oi! I command you to send the containers to my friend. I don't care! I want them! Pronto! Again, I hope tak menyusahkan."
Email back ...
"Who do you think you are?! I got no work to do eh?! You want them, you pay la! No pay no work man. You should know by now. I told you I want to chuck into the sea coz the current is strong now. It's winter time. Just hope that it pushes to your place!"
"Oh like that eh? Oklah do it your way. Chuck into the sea during high tide ya? I'll wait at my end of country and pray everyday that the containers stay afloat. I'll pray day and night that it reaches my shore safely. I just want my designer underwears thats all. I don't want to be like P.Ramlee holding a koyak rabak seluar katuk. Once again, hope tak menyusahkan."
Yeah, right!


along said...

aku tau...aku tau...ur s'porean friend
dah cakap dah soh anta sini jer..aku leh wat car boot sale kat sini lak..

akumasihdisini said...

sorry...lama tak menjenguk blog ko...apa pun ko sentiasa happy kat biar smart...result biar gempak...!

sang diva said...

erk penama ko merambu ni harny oi

ainee said...

omg, i really like ur witty-sarcastic style. teach me. teach me.