Tuesday, October 03, 2006

All that remained ...

Finally, the boxes that I sent almost two months ago arrived. They looked pathetic, but fortunately all the things inside were not broken.
Wan called earlier, told me that the boxes had finally arrived at his house. They were heavy that even the delivery man was huffing and puffing carrying those boxes inside. Well, thanks to abah who packed everything until each of them scratches the 20kg mark.
So after the iftar, the whole family came to our humble flat. Wan carried the boxes sebiji macam buruh bangla. Dipikulnya kotak tu atas bahu.
Anyway, I'm glad that the boxes had finally arrived. So we opened them and I gave them the 3 packs of 2kg Milo each that I've promised to them. Free of charge. Ah, you may think 'Aik! Kat Glasgow tak de Milo ke?' Well, according to the three musketeers (a.k.a Ayie, Ya and Ali a.k.a the children of Dr Wan Amir and Dr Liza), 'Milo kat sini tak sedap.' There you go. The kids know best.
Apapun ....Sukanya aku!!! Akhirnya botol 5.1kg cili sos yang aku tunggu-tunggu tiba! Weh! This is not just any chilli sauce, it's cap jagung tau. Made in Kedah. Asli you!
Now our house is turned into a sundry shop. Anybody needs maggie kari berapi Mawi?


Anonymous said...

halo ... bila nak update ni? citer pengalaman posa kat sana ... sahur apa .. buka apa? cekodok?

citer first day at school etc ...



khairyn said...

tunggu-tunggu. Ada 2 cerita yang tak tulis lagi ni... sabar!