Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hukum Karma

Allah itu memang maha adil.
I was singled out during the English Literature tutorial yesterday, today I was singled out again. This time it's at the Sociology Lecture hall. Where as in English tutorial there were only 15 people who looked at me with pity in their eyes. This time I became the centre of attention of around 150 students. The Embarrassment was huge, but the pride was humongous!
I was singled out because I got the Gold Star (with two exclamation marks) and a pagan styled-kneeling or worship or something (the one with open arms and bending a few times tuu) from MY LECTURER CC, (time to gloat, time to gloat - get it over my head, get it over my head) just because of my first essay for Sociological Imagination.
I feel Like I just been Operant Conditioned and with loads and loads of positive reinforcement.
Ahh... time to hit the books again...


akumasihdisini said...

salam...thanks sbb masuk blog koi...koi masih baru...byk kena blaja lagi...awok org phg yek...bangga jumpa orang pahang...mula jumpa maniq, pas2 azhar, dan sekarang jumpa awok...awok kat mane skrg nie? further study kat oversea? bagus laa..koi hanya angan2 je nak sambung blajo tapi tak kesampaian lagi...mungkin satu ari nanti...insyallah...salam aidilfitri...moga selepas nie dapat terus berhubung...!

ainee said...

that is so cool~ however, "all work and no play make jack a dull boy".