Thursday, October 12, 2006

Two Faces

Picture taken using IPAQ rx3000.
Hampir setiap hari aku menungging kat bukit ni. Jalan sebelah kiri pergi ke Graham Hills building, kelas untuk Journalism and Creative Writing dan tutorial untuk Sociology.
Bangunan di sebelah kanan pulak is Livingstone Tower untuk pergi workshop English dan Creative Writing. Esok aku ke sana lagi untuk tutorial Politics pulak. Sebelah Livingstone Tower (tak nampak) is the McCance Building, lecture untuk English Litterature pulak.

Jalan terus pergi city centre. Terus lagi ... tak tahulah sampai kat mana. Belum explore lagi.
Last Wednesday, a male Malaysian student was badly bashed up by gangs when he was walking home after performing Terawih at Sumsa Strathclyde University. The boy was alone when the gang members accosted him and eventually bashed him.
We were informed that the incident occured around 9-10pm and the boy was walking alone at Royston Street. Unfortunately nobody saw what happened. There was no witness. I was told that the boy was found laying down on the street and immediately sent to hospital.
I haven't had a chance to visit him at the hospital but those who went said, the boy was still in trauma. He can't recalled what had happened. All he can feel now is pain. He suffered broken jaw and bruises all over his body. I don't know what else is broken.
Yeah, this area is not really safe for us. There are drunkards, asylum seekers and just stupid teenagers watching too much violence on the tele. Winter is approaching and the only thing that I can think of is how cold it was that night. The pain of being beaten up by a group of boys and left lying on cold tarmac.
Is this what we called developed country? When the mentality of their youths are corrupted and filled with violence? Where the only reason to beat or kill somebody is that he or she is not the same colour as you? Or not speaking the same slang as you?
Doakan untuk Rusdi Murad. Semoga beliau cepat sembuh dan tabah menghadapi dugaan Allah di dalam bulan yang pernuh keberkatan ini. Semoga beliau dapat kembali semangat beliau untuk teruskan perjuangan menimba ilmu di perantauan. Ameen. InsyaAllah.


Anonymous said...

Ko tu pun kena hati2 gak....
Jgn balik lewat sgt sorang2...

ayem said...

saya akan doakan semoga beliau cepat awak juga berhati2 kat sana..depa ni tak suka Islam lain kali keluar ramai2.