Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The expected unthinkable happened today.
I do expect this thing would happen but I don't expect that it would happen TODAY!! And it was during English Literature tutorial. Definitely an embarassing moment.
Well, we're supposed to read a medieval Beowulf. A narrative long winded old English verse. Yep! Like i don't have enuff problem understanding English with Glaswegian slang, now I have to read old English verse.
Now, during tutorial, we were asked to identify which is Beowulf (the antogonist) and another protagonist. Either it's direct mention or indirect mention. It would be easy if the verse is in modern language but well, the professors seem enjoying themselves teaching this old English verse to us, the students.
Anyway to make a long winded story short - when the tutor asked me to identify Beowulf, I went blank and couldn't answer any of the questions. To make matter worse, everybody were looking at me with pity in their eyes!

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